13 Mar

CPR – What Is It?

Recently, when asked what work/life balance meant, I came up with Community, Passion, Relationships (C.P.R.)

I don’t believe as a business owner you can separate everything into pockets (for example: eight hours work, three hours family, one hour exercise, etc.) and research is showing that this kind of separation is the cause of even more anxiety. Don’t separate – integrate.

Systems are all around us, the human body is a system, there is a solar system, plants have a system, our homes are living systems (planting shade trees where needed, etc.). We understand some systems, but do not even recognise others.

Your life is a system. Don’t try and separate everything. Bring all your areas together as this is your life. Think about how you can use you time best. Maybe leave work early or come in late and work on that project when everyone is asleep, or get up early. Have some quiet time out of the office and feel good because you came home early, played with the kids and are now feeling revitalised. Have a lunch date instead of trying to cram everything in when you are tired at night or plan an outdoor meeting with staff. Why not get some exercise and fresh air at the same time?

Ask anyone to describe themselves, their background and their beliefs; you will find that everybody’s answers are different. Yes, some of us may have commonalities, but we are all individuals.

Enjoy your life; relax, breathe and find a way to integrate C.P.R. into a workable structure that makes you happy.

Celebrate your success and reflect on what a wonderful unique business owner or employee you are.

Add some C.P.R. to your life and BREATHE EASY.

About Catherine Molloy
Catherine Molloy is an International Keynote Speaker & Communication Expert / Author of the Million Dollar Handshake / Owner of Auspac Business Advantage Pty Ltd. / Winner of Stevie Awards for Leadership and Sales / Asia Pacific Stevie Awards for the Conscious Connection Framework / Awarded the Australian Institute of Management Excellence Awards for owner, Manager of the Year, and has over 25 years expertise in the delivery of education training in the field of Body Language, Leadership, Sales, Service and Communication training.

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