27 Jan


Training is essential for growth in your business. Without consistently educating ourselves, we fall into bad habits and continually do the same thing with the same results, and we are not happy.

This is the year to be happy, we need to be working towards new challenges, setting new goals, planning for our business and creating pathways of opportunity for ourselves and our staff to grow and learn new skills.

People fear change…

“Resolutions! ME?? Just what are you implying? That I need to change?”

It wasn’t until I saw these words in a comic that I realised why so many people are worried about setting goals: a change may happen or worse still, you may fail and not reach your goal…But boy you can have fun trying and learn a lot along the way!

“Take action”, “rewire your brain”, “program yourself”. Whether you like it or not we are all now on a journey to better ourselves and our business, show our staff and/or families how to be happy, take care of ourselves, support the community, etc.

How do we do all this? Take the time to plan, and remember the Pareto Principle: spend 80% of your time on the plan and 20% actually putting the plan in action. Preparation is everything. Use an awesome training company to show you how, then practise and succeed.

In fact, to set a SMART goal on paper means something is going to happen… a change will occur. Improvement equals change. Setting a goal and planning how to achieve it, then feeling happy about the goal and the challenge, means many domino effects take place to make this change.

So, if you have never seen and planned a goal then please try. It could seem daunting but the trick is to start with small successes that lead to the big goal in mind. Like everything in life, it needs practise to make it perfect, so the more we set goals the better we become at achieving them. Amazing, hey? No matter what we do in life we can’t get away from the fact that we actually have to practise what we learn to make it second nature. AKA, practise makes perfect…

I would love you to make ‘Triple S’ a new habit: Seek Small Successes, one after another.

About Catherine Molloy
Catherine Molloy is an International Keynote Speaker & Communication Expert / Author of the Million Dollar Handshake / Owner of Auspac Business Advantage Pty Ltd. / Winner of Stevie Awards for Leadership and Sales / Asia Pacific Stevie Awards for the Conscious Connection Framework / Awarded the Australian Institute of Management Excellence Awards for owner, Manager of the Year, and has over 25 years expertise in the delivery of education training in the field of Body Language, Leadership, Sales, Service and Communication training.

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