Managing work / life balance Is it all too hard? You need CPR!
26 Sep

Managing work / life balance Is it all too hard? You need CPR!

Managing work / life balance Is it all too hard? You need CPR!

CPR stands for Community, Passion and Relationships.

If you are passionate about your relationships and community, everything falls into place. You do not need to separate family, work and community but rather integrate them and enjoy the outcome. It’s amazing how your family can help in the business and how the business can help the family and the community. So, take time to relax and breathe and turn your work/life balance into CPR so you are no longer stressed about how many hours you are spending in each section. Just be sure that you and the relationships in your life are happy!

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Managing your time is a necessity for all business owners, as your ability to manage time well determines the success of your business and relationships. Time management is the act or process of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities.

Initially time management referred to just business or work activities, but eventually the term broadened to include personal activities as well. A time management system is a designed combination of processes, tools, techniques and methods.

“What does work life balance mean for you?” I remember being asked this question when I was being interviewed for an award and this is where CPR popped out. The work/ life balance question makes me hyperventilate and is too much pressure but focusing on community , passion and relationships allows me to breathe well. Don’t juggle your time and hope for a good outcome … PLAN IT!

Make your day and plan time to play!

Ten tips for better time management:

1.            Spend time planning

2.            Set goals

3.            Prioritise

4.            Use a to-do list

5.            Be flexible

6.            Be solutions focused

7.            Avoid being a perfectionist

8.            Conquer self-sabotage

9.            Learn to say “no” and “yes” 😊

10.         Reward yourself and your team.

Energise and innovate through training and education, and learn about the SIX areas of self-sabotage that hold us back. Then go forth and enjoy life taking away the pressures of work/ life, balance and implement CPR we all need a little resuscitation at some time in our business and life. Time to breathe in some fresh air and make a difference. Get ready and plan to hit the ground running in 2020!

About Catherine Molloy
Catherine Molloy is an International Keynote Speaker & Communication Expert / Author of the Million Dollar Handshake / Owner of Auspac Business Advantage Pty Ltd. / Winner of Stevie Awards for Leadership and Sales / Asia Pacific Stevie Awards for the Conscious Connection Framework / Awarded the Australian Institute of Management Excellence Awards for owner, Manager of the Year, and has over 25 years expertise in the delivery of education training in the field of Body Language, Leadership, Sales, Service and Communication training.

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