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Training to be a Sport champion is not for the faint-hearted. Most of the time when we think about training, it is in relation to a sporting event and having to train for hours on end.

What is quite interesting is business owners are in training every day of their lives to learn how to create a great business, run a great business and then stay flexible enough to change their business structure/products etc., as required.

Success is not only coming up with the next great idea but more importantly seeing it through and making it happen. A lot of business owners underestimate the amount of training required to be a  champion in business.

Have a bit of fun – take the quiz below and understand the benefits of left and right brain strategies: http://www.personalitytest.net/cgi-bin/q.pl

Did you know that 99% of business owners are right brained? In other words, business owners are great at imagining what needs to be done but they are not always great at getting it done.

Left and right brain strategies for learning

There are various study techniques and strategies that you can apply depending on your dominant side.

The right brain is considered holistic while the left brain is analytical and linear. Left brain individuals prefer to learn with specific details, while right brained individuals prefer to be presented with the big picture and then discover the details.

Right brained individuals are more intuitive, while left brained individuals are more logical. Right brained individuals are more skilled at sensing when an answer is right even when they cannot prove why it is correct.

SO if you are a right brain genius, spend a bit more time on self-management. If you are a left brain genius, spend a bit more time trusting your intuition.

To maintain balance, you need to exercise both the right and left brain. An individual who considers a wider set of options is more likely to make quality decisions.

As a  professional training company we can help you ‘train your brain’ and demonstrate effective tools available for your business.

Have fun, find out more about the way you think and start your training journey today.

About Catherine Molloy
Catherine Molloy is an International Keynote Speaker & Communication Expert / Author of the Million Dollar Handshake / Owner of Auspac Business Advantage Pty Ltd. / Winner of Stevie Awards for Leadership and Sales / Asia Pacific Stevie Awards for the Conscious Connection Framework / Awarded the Australian Institute of Management Excellence Awards for owner, Manager of the Year, and has over 25 years expertise in the delivery of education training in the field of Body Language, Leadership, Sales, Service and Communication training.

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