Seven Powerful Keys to Success
04 Nov

Seven Powerful Keys to Success

It’s never too late to start over. If you weren’t happy with yesterday, try something different today. In order to create success, you must first define it.

SUCCESS = NOUN 1. The accomplishment of an aim or purpose as measured by one’s goals.

Understand what success is for you. Success is different things for different people and one person’s success might be another person’s disaster! Be very clear about what you want and don’t want for your life. ‘Behavioural change produces different results and eventually, the internal vision becomes the external reality’.

  1. WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALS AND BE SPECIFIC – goals need attention. They need to be seen and heard and thought of often if they ever hope to come true so surround yourself with as many reminders as possible. Consistent action, no matter how small, has more power than you ever imagined. Think of your goals as opportunities to improve, rather than prove yourself.
  2. BE INNOVATIVE – INNOVATION IS IN OUR DNA – life is boring with just vanilla, get creative, be flexible. Don’t let your fear stand in the way of your potential to create and innovate.
  3. INVEST IN YOURSELF – any time and/or money spent furthering your knowledge and experience is always time and money well spent, remember take small steps and make all areas in your life 1 to 10 per cent better.
  4. LEARN SALES AND NEGOTIATION SKILLS – if you’re not selling to your clients, someone else will be. As a parent, if you’re not selling to your children someone else will be.
  5. FIND THE RIGHT MENTOR – it may be an author or coach, a friend or parent, we all need help to stay clear and motivated.
  6. BE ADAPTABLE – be like water, powerful and adaptable. Our reality and everything in it is in a constant state of change, while some of us are in constant state of trying to keep everything the same. Adapt and succeed.
  7. LOVE WHAT YOU DO! – producing different results comes from doing things differently, some simple and effective techniques to follow: Persevere, finish what you start, do what it takes, do things that scare you, ‘Be the change you want in your world’ and do what you love.
Invest in yourself today and your team today!


About Catherine Molloy
Catherine Molloy is an International Keynote Speaker & Communication Expert / Author of the Million Dollar Handshake / Owner of Auspac Business Advantage Pty Ltd. / Winner of Stevie Awards for Leadership and Sales / Asia Pacific Stevie Awards for the Conscious Connection Framework / Awarded the Australian Institute of Management Excellence Awards for owner, Manager of the Year, and has over 25 years expertise in the delivery of education training in the field of Body Language, Leadership, Sales, Service and Communication training.

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