The Right Mindset for Success
The Right Mindset for Success

It has been proven that the right mindset produces new positive results, these results can lead to business growth and happiness. Train and use the tools in this workbook to create a successful mindset. This book is available for conference packages and workshops.

Mastering Communication and Difficult Conversations
Mastering Communication and Difficult Conversations

95% of all business and personal breakdowns are due to miscommunication. Learn how you can create Win-Win situations through Mastering Communication and The Million Dollar Handshake. This book is available for conference packages and workshops.

First Impressions Lasting Results
First Impressions Lasting Results

We make our first impression in just 7 seconds…make it a good one, because if not, it takes up to 12 more positive experiences to create likeability and to make up for the first negative impression. Lead yourself to lasting results in business and your personal life. This book is available for conference packages and workshops.

Body Language and Bootcamp – What is Your Body Saying?
Body Language and Bootcamp – What is Your Body Saying?

Brain imaging technology now tells us that we gesture before we think consciously about what we are doing. Up to 80% of what we say can be communicated without speaking a word. Do you want to know what your body is saying? This book is available for conference packages and workshops.

SPEAK Masterclass
SPEAK Masterclass

Do you sometimes struggle to create a clear message for your clients?
Would you like to feel more confident to speak and present in front of an audience?
In this masterclass, learn  the secrets on how to project confidence and deliver a powerful presentation. The skills you will be learning have been refined and defined over the last 10 years from which Catherine has built an international speaking platform.




“The most important thing I learned was how to plan and structure a speech and practicing that speech in front of people was very beneficial.  The day itself was engaging, concise and worked really well.”

Elizabeth Harrison

NAB Bank


“The SPEAK Masterclass really prepared me to look at myself, laugh and grow. I learnt how to write my speech and talk my speak language taking my clients on a hero’s journey. Highly recommend you attend and build courage and the perfect pitch.”
Sharon Fulwood
Let’s talk events


“I now understand how to have greater impact on the opening of my presentation and to be clear with what I want the audience to do . I recommend this one day intensive to develop your skills and not be fearful of mini presentations and on the spot deliveries.”
Elli Hylton
BDM – On the Move


“This was a wonderful experience and I have been looking for a course for weeks. Cath is a fabulous presenter and I was absorbed the whole time. Highly recommend this one day intensive.”
Livia York
Author- RISE, The Abused Child of the Phoenix


“I now understand how critically important it is to stick to your allocated time for your speech and always be clear and concise with a clear call to action.  This is a great overview of tips and tricks to improve regardless of how many times you may have spoken in the past.”
Amanda Higgins

Action Forward


“I learned so many things about myself, including how changing my body language and tone of voice, created a better interaction with the audience and made me more engaging and pleasurable to listen to.  With the skills learned, I am now able to structure each speech/talk so that the main key points of my presentation are delivered confidently and within the allocated time.   Since attending I have delivered talks to much bigger audiences than before and I feel much more at ease and now enjoy the experience of talking in public”.

Emma Manning

Elite Diplomate B.E.S.T. Practitioner


“I’ve done some speaking before and the most important thing learned is to be more prepared for the off the cuff speeches and having the key points ready in any timeframe of speech.  I will be extending my elevator speech to ensure that I can talk about what I am passionate about in any time slot. It was really good to watch and pick up on other people mannerisms and non-verbals as well as learning about rewording your speech so that you have a great impact with your target audience.  This workshop confirmed that I am on the right track with my speaking.”
Michele Dougherty

Shell Yoga and Mindfulness


“There were plenty of opportunities throughout the day to practise my presentation skills and see the growth and difference immediately.  This workshop is easy to follow and really well set up, and I learnt the important lesson of when I focus on the audience, passion takes over and public speaking anxiety reduces.”

Anna Brasher



“This is the most amazing speaker workshop I have ever done, I got so much out of it, there is heaps of value.  I learned so many new skills, including how body language impacts the audience, the raw skills of how to make a strong and power presentation and how to structure that presentation.  Thank you Cath.”

Kylie Stretton

Special Needs Mums’ Rising


“I’d wholeheartedly recommend the one day SPEAK workshop to anyone who has a message to convey; not just aspiring speakers. It was a real hands-on workshop that put me at ease speaking in front of a group right from the first session.  I learned how to use effective body language as part of a speaking presentation and also how to craft and deliver a strong message.  The one-on-one follow up session helped me fine-tune my message and answered my questions. I couldn’t believe the value I received for such a small outlay. Catherine certainly practises well what she teaches.”

Dianne Wallyn


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