I recently booked Catherine to speak @pyjamasummit – an event for inspiring and connecting women in business more deeply on the Sunshine Coast. Catherine transformed the room, leaving each attendee excited, with tangible tools and realisations that could be applied in all of the key areas of life. Catherine is dynamic, warm, talented and mesmerises an audience with her lived experience.


Heidi Meyer GAICD
Creative Director - The Badderam Eco Luxe Resort & Spa

I had the absolute pleasure of experiencing (not just hearing) one of Catherine’s keynote presentations and it was FANTASTIC. Catherine is engaging, funny, kind and informative. A mixture of great insights and experiential engagement. It really made me rethink my approach to meeting people in general.

Daniel Murray
Strategic Advisor

I recently attended one of Catherine’s workshops on Influence and Persuasion and it was one of the best courses I’ve been on. Catherine’s presentation style is warm and engaging, and the best part of the day was learning about non verbal language and how to effectively communicate to different behavioural styles. Now I enjoy turning down the volume of the television when the news is on and watching the body language of the politicians. And work meetings become much more interesting when I not only pay more attention to the body language of others, but also adjust my own body language to influence the outcomes. Thanks Catherine for an awesome day.



Strategic Finance Consultant and Career Coach
Linz Enterprises Ltd

As we say in America, Catherine “blew the doors off” at the National Conference this year! WOW…what a presentation. She was amazingly well versed on her topic…and wonderfully articulate. It’s rare to see such a perfect blend of content and communication skills. I would recommend Catherine to any professional group looking for something truly unique and special.


Keynote Speaker, Trainer and Author
Fast Forward Leadership
Inspired Growth Training

My goodness! If you’re looking for a speaker that will motivate, inspire and have the entire audience engaged, then Catherine Molloy is the right person for you.

I’ve been running conferences for over four  years now, and I was recommended Catherine by a friend. I’m so glad that we engaged Catherine for our event as she was a perfect open  and close for the entire event.

Having the right speaker open is imperative as you need to ensure you have motivation for attendees to get in on time. Then to close an event takes something special.

Catherine was tasked both , something you don’t see much, but we had the faith in her and she delivered.

The feedback from our attendees was brilliant, even  saying “Best speaker yet”, “usually the same speaker can’t get better than the first keynote but she did”, 50 percent of attendees have been to all the Australian conferences and voted her “ best speaker ever”

If anyone is thinking about using Catherine for any keynote in leadership, sales and service along with the million dollar handshake,  body language, peak performance ,  team building, for a conference or workshop  please feel free to contact me direct for more feedback as words don’t give her justice.

Kind regards.

Inspired Growth Training

The Million Dollar Handshake keynote by Cath Molloy was very well received by our audience. Her deep knowledge about non-verbal communication combined with the experiential learning method resulted in takeaways that one can implement right away and benefit from.

CEO & Founder
Angler Technologies & Trinetra Wireless Learning Chair & President Elect

Catherine is a great speaker who keeps high energy across the audience the whole morning. The handshake techniques and some little habits to watch out during communications are extremely useful in our day-to-day work and life. Thank you Cath!

BT Dare Group
BT Financial
Software Engineer

From the Million Dollar Handshake to an in depth understanding of different persona types, Catherine Molloy really teaches all you need to know on how to effectively influence and persuade others.

Software Engineer

Catherine Molloy is one of the most positive speakers I have met. I have had the opportunity to call her My Speaker in India. For Cath it’s about finding a solution to any problem and contributing to others life’s in a positive way. Her understanding of human behaviour is on a deeper level. She comes with a vast experience of 25 years of deep study / research & result oriented practice. Cath touches the soul of every human being she meets. As a Speaker / Trainer… She has developed vast & in depth content to help change lives all around the Globe for a better tomorrow… Cath for me is a 100% Value add & I highly recommend her for any organisation in any part of the world.

Founder & Director
Book Keynote Speakers

Catherine is an exceptional speaker trainer coach and a very successful entrepreneur as well. Since the first time I met her in 2016 on ‘Mastering Communication for Influence,’ my respect and admiration for her capacity to bring in positive behavioural changes in others are only growing stronger. ‘Million Dollar Handshake’ was a great learning for me, as was Catherine’s hands-on guide on using non-verbal intelligence for positive influence in any communication. Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious…enough to electrify and super charge-up any audience.

Independent Financial Advisor, Graphologist, Behavioural Change Facilitator Positive Vibes Consulting and Advisory I attended the “Million Dollar Handshake” session conducted by Catherine this year. I thought I am already good at it but after the session, I got the real picture on how I can make my posture, handshake and personality way better than I have today. Learnt about the mistakes which are tiny, but make a large impact on making a strong first impression. I also spent a lot of time with Catherine post the session learning about various storytelling/ conversation techniques and I have seen a lot of progress in my work because of these techniques. I recommend Catherine to everyone who is looking to make a great First Impression.

Managing Partner

Cath is a highly respected professional in the speaking industry, who is passionate about helping individuals and businesses achieve success in sales. Cath creates a productive dynamic which encourages people to think outside the box when it comes to sales success. Working with Cath was an absolute pleasure, her focus and drive was second to none. Just as importantly, Cath is a joy to be around, always radiating positive energy. Cath’s smile is infectious and she is very well connected within the local, national and international business community.

Customer Relations Executive
NRS Media

Cath Molloy presented for the Sunshine Coast Women Entrepreneurs in February. It was the first meeting for the year and what a great start it was. Cath was lots of fun and full of energy but more importantly she really knew her stuff. To take the material she uses to train companies all over the world and translate it to suit women who run mostly micro businesses, shows a stellar level of understanding of the way people learn. Cath was incredibly generous with information on the day as well as following up with extra resources, and the feedback from members was excellent.

SCW Entrepreneurs

I recently attended one of Catherine’s workshops on Influence and Persuasion and it was one of the best courses I’ve been on.  Catherine’s presentation style is warm and engaging, and the best part of the day was learning about non verbal language.  Now I enjoy turning down the volume of the television when the news is on and watching the body language of the politicians. And an otherwise boring work meeting becomes much more interesting when I not only pay more attention to the body language of others, but also adjust my own body language to influence the outcomes.

Thanks Catherine for an awesome day.

Master Translation Services

I have known Catherine Molloy for three years. It started three years ago when I attended her workshop “Enhance your Cultural Awareness in International Communication” hosted by Xiamen Municipal Foreign Affairs Office. Impressed with her wonderful presentation and her deep understanding of importance of cross cultural communications, I invited her last year to deliver a training session to over a dozen of our account managers at our Xiamen headquarter office. I invited her again last July to deliver a workshop “Service that sells” and a keynote “Selling Smarter in an International Market” to over 250 attendees at the 1st China Language Service Industry Collaborative Innovation Forum. Both the workshop and keynote were very well received by the audience.

I am very impressed with Catherine’s excellent communication and interpersonal skills, her deep understanding of building fruitful relationship, her lovely interaction with the audience, beautifully prepared presentation slides and handouts. She is willing to dig into different business areas and has a genuine desire to help others through training and communication.

Catherine practices what she teaches. She demonstrates her excellent communication and interpersonal skills and get to know her audience quickly and effectively. Her constant follow up and the result is terrific, a perfect example of how to build successful business relationship, even in a culture so different from her own.

I am very pleased to be contacted to discuss my very positive interactions and experiences with Catherine Molloy should you require any further information.

Frank Wei
President Master Translation Services

It was an amazing experience working with you and attending your talk in India. It was really a big value to all the attendees and myself. I’m sure that you will touch millions of hearts as they master communication.

Kanak Kr Jain
CEO Suskan Consultants Pvt Ltd Co Founder,
Nirvanalife India Chairman - Rotary District,
3291 Financial Literacy committee .
Tourism Noosa Visitnoosa

We all LOVED our session the other day. We are still talking about our body language bootcamp and all the great info we got and how we have been able to use it already.
All the information was so relevant to us both personally and with the work we do. You certainly presented it in a way that we all understood and enjoyed.

Thank you for sending the questionnaire through. I will be in contact about a session next year.

Thanks again for the great experience.

Kind regards,

Cathy Tourism Noosa
Sam Cawthorne

To whom it may concern:

I have worked with Catherine Molloy owner/director of Auspac Business Advantage for three years.

Catherine Molloy is a master trainer, outstanding keynote speaker, facilitator and coach. She has trained for us in three countries and three of our businesses.

She draws from the many years of experience in high performance communication to give insights that are world class.  Not only does Catherine have the depth of content and IP she is a person on integrity that thrives in challenging situations and performs every time.

She is one of our only approved trainers and is now representing us in some large Fortune 500 Companies.

Catherine Molloy is a leader and the results we are hearing from our clients, staff and the wider community is just outstanding.

She is making a difference.

I would highly recommend Catherine Molloy and would be happy to be contacted to discuss our experiences should you require any further information.

Sam Cawthorn

To Whom It May Concern

I am writing this letter of reference for Catherine Molloy Owner and Director of Auspac Business Advantage  Australia.

As an expert in the field of training and education, combined with her strategic thinking I asked Catherine to join the regional education taskforce to assist us with strategic planning and implementation for the growth of the education sector in our region. Catherine is now an integral part of the Sunshine Coast Council Education Taskforce as well as provider of results driven training workshops for the council. Catherine is head of research for Future Careers 2025 for the Sunshine Coast Council and is taking this information and presenting to all the schools on the Sunshine Coast to provide opportunities for all our young people.

Catherine has a genuine and caring desire for the future of others through training and communication. Her attention to detail is impeccable, combined with her understanding of the business environment ensures that we are always working on the ‘same page’. I and my colleagues are constantly in admiration of Catherine’s passion; passion to help students succeed, passion to produce excellence, passion for her business success, passion to help others in the region through her work on the taskforce. Catherine is a force to be reckoned with and admired.

She has a proven record both nationally and internationally through numerous workshops and congresses. Catherine travelled to China with the council on the Education and Tourism Mission in May 2014 and was personally invited back to China to deliver a Cultural Awareness speech to over two hundred foreign ministers and translators in November 2014. Since then she has delivered many trainings internationally.

It is without hesitation that I would recommend Catherine personally and on a business level as she has the highest level of caring and integrity that produces excellent results. I wish her all the very best for the future.


Phillip Loader
The Oxford Partnership Uk& The Middle East

Your skills, knowledge and experience is so needed in our projects.  You have made such an impact in so short a time. We want all our teams to go through Customer Service training with you.

Dr Kathy Bland
CEO - The Oxford Partnership Uk & The Middle East

I am happy to inform you that, upon my invitation, Ms Catherine Molloy visited Xiamen for a cultural education program. As a keynote speaker, Ms Molloy delivered a well-received workshop themed “Enhance your Cultural Awareness in International Communication” on November 29th, which has attracted up to 200+ front-line translators and foreign affairs officers to our city. The workshop has taken the audience on an engaging cross cultural journey.

I would therefore take this opportunity, on behalf of Xiamen Municipal Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office and Xiamen Translators Association, to extend to you my hearty appreciation for enabling such an outstanding speaker and trainer as Catherine Molloy to deliver the keynote and workshop for us.

We are privileged to have from your city an expert , who through her wonderful presentation, has helped advance our bilateral friendship, enhanced our understanding on the Australian culture and opened a brand new chapter on deepening the existing partnership between us through cultural and academic exchanges and cooperation by means of a translators association.

Director General
Xiamen Municipal Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office
and President Xiamen Translators Association
Genesis Insurance Brokers Australia

Thank you for the effort that you personally provided in the recent Sales Congress. Your provision for detail and specifics were evident from the outset. It was an absolute success. The content of the Congress, the harmony, the empathy, the fraternisation of participants, the venue, all brilliant! Very well-orchestrated.

As you are aware, I also had team members attend and I was most interested with their interactions and involvement for the four day duration. They have nothing but commendation for the experience.

The course was most professionally run, comprehensively covering all facets of the declared agenda.

You were particularly well prepared and this was evidenced constantly in the depth of knowledge that was produced, both by way of visual aids and oral discourse.

The benefit to me has been immediate. We are now implementing procedures learnt and the results show directly.

Listening, negotiating, handling objections, closings, maintaining body and energy language are all part of what we are now employing in our everyday effort. It just works.

I would refer fellow business owners to you and your training operations absolutely.

I will also be supporting your next congress

Peter Johnson
Director - Genesis Insurance Brokers Australia
Forbes Chatham Insurance/Tradesure

We have engaged our staff in sales training in April this year and I must say I did not know what to expect or understand how this could make a difference to our business.

The results have been sensational. After the first two months sales for our Tradesure branch have increased over 20% from what we previously considered a very satisfactory strike rate. Not only did Catherine introduce more efficient and results focused systems, she actually was able to drill down with individual staff members and have them deal with areas they felt uncomfortable with when dealing with customers which made our staff client related and more open to this training.

To this end we have arranged on-going training with Catherine for our Tradesure staff and have extended our contract to train our additional staff through our Forbes Chatham Insurance division as we understand how beneficial this training has been.

Ross Forbes
Forbes Chatham Insurance/Tradesure
Aussie Pooch Mobile

I have been working with Cath Molloy and team since 2012. Cath has been very supportive of my staff and my own time. She has gone beyond her normal role in helping my company and has presented at training days to help my other staff members. We have all benefitted from Cath’s insight and experience and have had a fun learning process. We have taken some of what she has provided to our team across the world. (Cath’s training has now been implemented in UK and US the Pooch Mobile teams)

Chris Taylor
Aussie Pooch Mobile
Minsafe Pty Ltd

Thank you to Cath Molloy and the team for an exceptional experience in Bali.

The Bali Sales Congress went above and beyond my expectations. A very well organised, top quality training event combined with great facilities in a relaxed atmosphere provided the perfect learning environment for our team. The wonderful friends and business connections we made were an added bonus.

For anyone wishing to boost their business skills in a professional, fun and a supportive manner without the distractions of “home”, I highly recommend this training concept and personally look forward to the next one!

Susan Rod
General Manager - Minsafe Pty Ltd
Sunshine Coast Council

I have known Catherine Molloy for 18 months and have commissioned her training programs (in a previous role) and have observed her business acumen at close range during a Sunshine Coast Council Trade Mission to China and Hong Kong.

I am extremely impressed with Catherine’s sales and marketing skills. Her enthusiasm and energy are infectious and she always follows-up and knows when to close a deal.

Catherine understands and values relationships and her excellent communication and interpersonal skills allow her to get to know people quickly and effectively. Catherine demonstrated these traits during the Trade Mission in 2014 which allowed her to be the first Mission Member to close an export sale. This was a terrific result given that she had only been in the country two days and was working across two languages and cultures.

I am very pleased to be contacted to discuss my very positive interactions and experiences with Catherine Molloy should you require any further information.

Paul Martins
Manager Economic Development - Sunshine Coast Council
Bank of QLD

I would like to say how impressed I have been with the Management training that I have completed.

The professionalism of the team and the nurturing learning environment has been great. The team are friendly and supportive which makes the learning experience very enjoyable. I particularly like learning in a group as we are able to ask questions and have lots of discussions on the topics we are learning about. Catherine was available to answer any questions through email and always gave a prompt reply.

I have been particularly impressed with the delivery and content of this course and I am confident that these management skills will be beneficial in my career as it is so relevant in the workplace.

Thanks for the support and making learning so enjoyable – well done Cath.

Tania Carter
Customer Service Manager - Bank of QLD
Chamber of Commerce & Industry Queensland

Catherine is my corporate partner in the training area. I selected Catherine as my partner because of her extensive knowledge and her success in Customer Service delivery and training. Catherine also started a very successful program to educate people working in the hospitality industry in Noosa about the history and culture of Noosa so that when visitors came they had a very educated staff and would help promote the region. Catherine has helped many businesses and is passionate about making a difference.

Catherine is a very effective communicator and is well respected in our business community. She is known by many and loved by all.

As the Regional Manager for the state chamber of commerce in Queensland (the peak industry body for businesses in QLD) I have had the opportunity to work closely with Cath and she has provided an educational webinar to our businesses in QLD.

Catherine is a great facilitator of workshops and delivers engaging inspiring keynotes.

Kimberley Lynch
Regional Manager, Sunshine Coast & Wide Bay,
Chamber of Commerce & Industry Queensland

I am able to learn so much better in a classroom setting and was lucky enough to be one of the first to try out the new in-house training sessions. Cath and the team at Sunshine Coast are an inspiration. I feel nurtured and looked after at each class and I always leave knowing exactly what I have to do. Cath and the team walk their talk, putting their heart and soul in to what they do. I couldn’t recommend them enough and will be sad when the classes are over.”

Kristie McQuillan
HR Manager - Dental Centre Group

Thank you Catherine for your exceptionally good service.

You have made the process very clear and easy, and put a lot of effort into making sure our own needs were met.  Your organisational abilities are excellent, and have helped me (as a busy owner) bring this to fruition.

My staff are excited and looking forward to passing with flying colours, thanks to your staff, one-on-one assistance, and online support.

Your generosity and accessibility are greatly appreciated, and we look forward to a thoroughly rewarding experience for all staff.

Congratulations on running an excellent, well run programme.

Cathy Donaghy
Principal - Harvey World Travel

As a result of my staff training, my staff now have the ability to provide for my organization the extra that was needed. As a training organization, I can say that you have gone the extra mile to assist me in the navigation of staff training.“

Bernadette Taylor
Director - MICA Inc.

The content and presentation by the facilitators was consistently high quality and engaging. The course has provided me with the framework and tools to promote hands on training.

Most importantly each session provided an excellent review of the challenges and opportunities inherent in each area – while challenging us to clarify and to find our own answers. I feel that all the teaching techniques and methods used and the power points were particularly superior. During the sessions I felt that there was a lot of energy and enthusiasm. I felt challenged and consistently drawn into the exercises / role plays and presentations which had my full attention due to the way in which they were conducted. Very interactive and participatory.

It has inspired me to rethink the way I plan and present my work
A very high educational standard.

Nicolle Whiteley
Quality Risk & Safety Officer - Sundale Garden Village

I just want to take this opportunity to express my thanks and let you know how much I have appreciated you and your team’s professionalism throughout my training. On top of that you have encouraged me to complete further studies and I can’t wait, I would highly recommend you to anyone wanting to further their knowledge.

Ann MareeMargetts
Ray White

Cath is a vibrant, energetic, and very organised person, who manages her business efficiently. This follows through to the high level of quality of what Cath and her team deliver to their clients. I would recommend Cath and her team to anyone looking at up-skilling their team business skills.

Elke Wick
Business Owner - Make it Easy Business Solutions

Cath is a well-connected bubbly and fun-loving business professional who is always ready to help others. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the area of providing training for business owners and their staff and can connect you to Government funding and subsidies. You’d be mad not to take a look at what she does.

Yvette Adams
Director & Franchisor - The Creative Collective

I have been nothing but impressed at the way Cath operates. A passionate person who simply loves to help people, is perfectly suited to running a training company. She has successfully built a team of like-minded people around her, who deliver fun, interactive and inevitably successful training courses.”

Ian Rowe
Founder & Manager - Q Personnel

After discussing the needs in our large organisation we were extremely happy with your prompt service and proposal of training. Dates, topics and attendees were quickly put into place once you had our confirmation. Being a large organisation, we had to ask for classes to be set over a 6 week period. This was no trouble for your company to assist with dates that suited us.

Feedback from our employees has been a very positive one. Internal service is a highlight on everyone’s list. After staff interaction and participation in the activities, some employees were very surprised at other work mate’s cooperation and personalities outside their normal working environment. How to handle a difficult situation with a customer was also a positive focus point.

Our employees are very happy to have completed this training and will implement a lot of the knowledge in their everyday working routine and approach to customer service.

I would certainly recommend your company to any organisation that feels a need for this training.

Payroll & HR officer -The Pump house

A quick thank you for the informative and valuable training session yesterday.  You were very professional and lovely to deal with. No matter how skilled or how long we have been in front-line customer service, this training is always valuable. We would be very interested in remaining on your database to be advised of any future training opportunities which may be beneficial for ourselves our or our clients.

Willina Stevens
Employment Consultant EPIC Employee Inc.

What CAN you teach an old warhorse? I have operated businesses in two continents and thought that cultural differences can affect selling techniques; I was both wrong and right.

With the knowledge and training Catherine and her team displayed, I have developed a serious appreciation to empathise with my customers to create better repeat business and turn negative calls into jobs which means dollars in my invoice book. Package this selling ‘know how’ into my intellectual balance sheet along with the Bali venue as a perfect training ground, you have an educational experience of a lifetime.

Great teamwork by all for the course content, coordination and fellowship generated by your dedicated staff.

Partick Hart
Business Owner - Pestecute Pty Ltd

The delivery of the material is so professional and yet fun to do at the same time.  Every aspect of sales is covered in this course and I have reaped benefits already in the way of a more confident approach to the customers I deal with each day.

Thank you again and I will have no hesitation in recommending your training organisation whenever the subject of staff training comes up.

Ron Hill
Business Owner - Ron Hill Automatics

Campbell Page have a consistently productive working relationship with Catherine and her team spaning over the last few years.

We have found the innovative and contextualised courses that run for our clients, to be motivating and produce positive results that often lead to job outcomes.

Overall we have found that Catherine & her team operate with a very high care factor and provide excellent communication with our team and clients throughout the training course as well as any follow ups after course concludes.

I would recommend Catherine and her team who consistently delivers a high standard of quality training, which enables our clients to build confidence and to provide real skills.

Diane Mumme
Business Manager - Campbell Page

In my capacity as a consultant to the Australian Government, I have worked with Catherine on numerous labour market and skills projects. Catherine led the delivery of these projects with the highest professional and ethical standards, was results and solutions focused and successfully met all contract milestones and KPIs. Catherine is passionate about her business and importantly, about helping people to achieve their dreams and goals and improve their lives.

Kris McCue
Director of Stones Throw Consulting & Consultant to the Australian Government

The time and experience you have contributed both in preparation for and delivery of this course was amazing! Every attendee loved the sessions. The training was professional, relevant, practical and fun.

Bridget Kraft
Director New Homes Only Australia

I would like to congratulate you on a fantastic event and experience…The course was extremely beneficial in helping to determine both our staffing arrangements for future direction and training as well as focusing on your clients objectives…

Mark Lancaster
CEO AtoZ Mortgages
Logo Img

When I came back from the conference I saw a big difference in my sales and win loss sheets for April & May: April I was at 36% – May I was 76%. I think this is great testament to you & the International course. Thanks so much for everything!

Katrina Halliday
Forbes Chatham Insurance


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